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Mancini Expert Weather offers weather data and state-of-the art analysis and meteorological reports!

Let us track the weather up to the time of your client's incident and be your expert witness.

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Welcome to Mancini Expert Weather Investigations!

Forensic Weather Services. This Certified Consulting Meteorologist provides certified weather data, radar analysis, expert opinion, expert meteorological reports, expert legal testimony and a weather forecast.

It is critical that you get the exact weather data or weather analysis that you need, so please be prepared to tell me the date, time, location and general nature of the incident or project. You may want just raw weather reports to examine yourself, or you may need a forensic weather analysis and expert meteorological report. Considerable weather data and radar images are stored right here for quick access and delivery. Additional weather data and radar information can be obtained from NOAA within minutes to a week, depending upon the type, the extent, the need for certified weather data for trial purposes, and, of course, your urgency.

If you need more than just weather data, but do not need a full forensic weather analysis and expert meteorological report just yet, then a preliminary analysis/opinion provides an economical alternative. This valuable tool typically takes only about an hour of my time as a forensic weather expert, but gives you crucial information without the hassle and possible danger of interpreting the data yourself. The preliminary opinion is presented verbally, then you can decide whether you want a full forensic weather analysis and expert meteorological report for settlement negotiations and pre-trial activities. If your case proceeds to trial, you will have a highly experienced expert witness and a Certified Consulting Meteorologist.

Experience over the past 25 years includes;

  • Slip-and-Fall Accidents
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Pavement Conditions
  • Marine Accidents
  • Flash Floods and River Floods
  • Wind Damage and Lightning Damage
  • Object Visibility
  • Natural Illumination and Artificial Illumination
  • Sun and Moon Illumination and Location
  • Outdoor Air Pollution
  • Heat Stress
  • Wind Chill
  • Project Weather Forecast
  • Construction Delays
  • General Scientific and Environmental Studies
  • Building Damage Due To Roof Snow Load

Please contact me and request intrductory materials for your file.  Call 724-873-7288.



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